Rock, life, and Miami

I grew up listening rock. I remember that my mother used to put me when I was a child, her ‘long play’ to dance the songs of the Beatles, ‘A hard day’s night’, ‘Twist and shout’, among others, they filled my head with rock and roll and started to form a passion that would be part of my life forever.

Then came the Latin American rock trend with bands like El Tri de Mexico, Soda Stereo, Miguel Rios, Los Prisioneros, GIT, Virus, Los Violadores, Enanitos Verdes, Charly García, etc. and my passion found a new way of feeling rock, in my language, understanding every sung phrase. The protest, the letter of the 80’s was protest, it was the search for a free world with subliminal messages against the dictatorships of those years and against imposed systems.

Time passed and by these vicissitudes of life I had to move to Miami, the most Latin American citie in the United States. A New World, new opportunities and … new music? Yes, in Miami there is no rock, there are no bars with live rock, there are no clubs where they play rock, this was a calvary.

I tried to discover new places, I found very interesting places always in other cities, I felt the ecstasy when I went Tennessee and its ‘music row’, it was the glory, even for a few days, but my passion for the rock sowed in my mind the idea of ​​moving to that city.

Among the places I discovered, I found a very good bar in West Palm Beach, it’s called ‘Copper Blues’, the only place where every weekend a different rock band plays live, at last I had found something really good! and only one hour from Miami!

Likewise, the distance made it impossible for me to go every weekend, until I got the surprise that they would open another bar of the franchise in Doral, yes, in the same city where I live! The long wait of almost 16 years finally came to an end, at last I was going to have a bar with live rock in Miami.

But my surprise was even greater when I went to the bar for the first time, I found a group that not only played rock in English, but also played songs from those groups that accompanied me in my adolescence and youth. I was really tired of listening to a single song of Mana always in the clubs of Miami, as if only that song existed in the astronomical world of Latin rock.

Yes, in Miami they think that Latin rock has only three songs, ‘Clavado en un bar’ by Mana, ‘La ciudad de la furia’ by Soda Stereo, and ‘Lamento boliviano’ by Enanitos Verdes. For 16 years of my life I had to settle for these three songs!

Happily, the rock is still alive and yes, even in a single bar, but lovers of its musical notes and lyrics with much passion, we have a place in Miami where we can feel once again those times that saw us grow and enjoy being young once again


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